• Saturday, May 2, 2020

The May releases contain many of the features we previewed at our annual Scale Conference. The product media, order editing, and fulfillment orders features are now stable and available on all Krepling businesses. You’ll also find new additions to how you can manage smart collections and discount codes.


GBP Currency Added

As Krepling's presence in the United Kingdom begins to grow, we have begun allowing users to pay using the "Great British Pound". The U.K accounts for almost 11% of all Krepling users as of May 2020. 


Support Departments in London, Madrid, and California

Krepling has seen a surge of growth in its user database over the COVID-19 pandemic. This comes with the added responsibility of ensuring that we keep the same consistency across the board when it comes to supporting the businesses that we power. With this added responsibility, we have opened 3 new additional User support departments in London, Madrid, and California.

Our London based support department will be catered primarily to help those users located within U.K and Ireland, and those with a '.co.uk' business TLD. The opening of our Madrid based support department is in response to the increase in Spanish speaking users. This department will be geared towards assisting those Spanish speaking users thus increasing our overall response time.

Our California based department will be to compensate for slow response time seen across the west coast of the United States. With our main support teams located primarily off the east coast, we have seen a decrease in our overall response time due to time zone related issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to the amount of Krepling businesses being operated primarily out of Pacific Daylight and Mountain Daylight timezones.


Improved Header & Footer Code

We have improved the overall performance of the Header and Footer Code elements, which are primarily for HTML or JavaScript code. Users have reported performance issues across Explorer browsers that have now been patched. A very important SEO tip you can take that involves the Header Code is submitting and verifying your site with Google Search Console.