• Saturday, August 1, 2020

When you sign up and decide to build your business with Krepling, you become part of a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, business owners, and enterprises across multiple continents that support each other, and that let their voice be heard. This month, we tackled a couple of suggestions from our community:

Marketing Email Campaign Counter

Email can be a very powerful tool to increase sales. Our integrated marketing tools make it easy for you to create and send emails to your customers with features like automation, contact, and product sync and preset styles. All Krepling plans come with two free email campaigns and Business plans include up to 5 per month. If you want to send additional campaigns you can explore upgrading to our Enterprise plan which include 20 campaigns per month and unlimited campaigns, respectively. To help you keep track of how many campaigns you’ve sent, we’ve worked with Weebly and added a counter to the Marketing Overview page.

Grow your Krepling business faster with analytics

We’re making our analytics much more powerful than before! Weebly has worked in replacing their “Stats card” with Insights, their latest analytics tool, to provide you with rich information such as Traffic, Sales and Marketing data, and better ways to segment and compare data - everything in one place so you can quickly see what’s working.

  • Key website stats: Check unique visits, page views, search terms and more

  • Easy-to-understand charts: See and compare specific time periods and metrics

  • Get key e-commerce stats: Analyze store performance and email engagement

  • Explore your sales: Top products, cart conversion rate, average order value and more

  • Check your analytics from anywhere: Stay on top of trends on-the-go with our mobile app