• Quinta, Novembro 19, 2020

For many aspiring business owners, the dream of taking their business internationally was something reserved for large enterprises. Today, things have changed, and the opportunities to reach international customers is growing.

With global e-commerce traffic reaching as much as 22 billion visits due to COVID-19, which is higher than the average traffic during the holiday season, international markets are now becoming more a custom to doing business online. Additionally, some of the largest online commerce markets are now considered to be non-English speaking.

With the global growth digital commerce has had over the past 6-12 months, greater opportunities are now being presented to business owners across all industries to grow their businesses internationally.

At Krepling, we have always strived to enable businesses and give business owners the chance to reach new markets by removing the barriers to going global. Since launch Krepling has given you the tools to make that dream into a reality.

With payment gateways supporting over 200+ countries and a platform supporting 25 different languages, business owners on Krepling are incentivized with the opportunity to find success in virtually any international market.

To celebrate Krepling's continued enablement of digital commerce across the globe, as well as to further push the movement for business owners across the globe to take their business to international markets, Krepling unveiled its new brandmark and design overhaul through its 'Do your thing' campaign.

Krepling has immensely evolved its brandmark and brand identity but also maintaining its original essence of simplicity. Krepling has also widened its color palette, as well as introduced bolder new typefaces, and a typographic system. The logo has also seen a complete overhaul.

The international opportunity

It has been no secret that digital commerce is global and continuing to grow rapidly every year. With the impact that COVID-19 has had on commerce as a whole, the share of total global commerce sales happening online is expected to double by 2021.

In a Global Market Outlook report, projections estimate that global e-commerce will grow at a CAGR of almost 20% to reach $18.89 trillion by 2027. There are a number of factors impacting this growth outside of COVID-19. The global nature of search and increasing use of search engines facilitates the discovery of new brands and online retailers. Mobile penetration has also had an impact on helping to drive cross-border purchases.

In India, for example, e-commerce finds tremendous potential: Customers spent $38.5 billion in 2017, with $64 billion projected for 2020 and $200 billion forecast for 2026. Less than 65 percent of the population is online, meaning this market is far from peaking: Internet penetration is slated to double by 2021. As a result, the India Brand Equity Foundation projects India’s e-commerce industry will surpass that of the United States by 2034, becoming the second-largest in the world after China. In 2017, Chinese shoppers spent more than $1 trillion online.

Online business owners are now facing their greatest chance in history to expand internationally, especially as the growth of these individual markets directly correlates with profitable opportunities in cross border e-commerce itself. Krepling will continue to support it's business owners in capitalizing on said opportunities whilst also continuing to expand its offerings globally.

This also presents new opportunities for Krepling Affiliates. Our investment in opportunities countries that present digital commerce potential require work in translation, local payment methods, and sales channels, and legal compliance, each of which could see greater opportunities for conversion for current affiliates the onboarding of larger affiliates within these regions.

Going international on Krepling

Never before has the playing field been this equal. Going international is no longer reserved for companies with the highest budgets. At Krepling, our mission continues to be one that not only inspires but enables digital commerce across the globe.