Introduction to Krepling!

Welcome to Krepling! Whether you are starting your own online business from scratch or are interested in using Krepling as your base to expand your business on the web, you can find out what we are all about here.

As you may have heard, Krepling is an all-inclusive business building platform that allows any user to build or expand any type of online business. We provide all the tools necessary, such as a website builder, business email accounts and sub-domains, to begin building your business instantly! The initial setup process is pretty easy, once you have purchased one of the business building packages, it instantly added to your Client Area. Simply navigate to the "Service" menu and you will be able to see the packages you have purchased.

If you have purchased the main Business Building Bundle, you will be able to see your Website Builder and Hosting Plan as two separate options. This will allow you to manage them separately and have more control over certain options. Your website builder will allow you to build your business' website whilst your hosting plan will allow you to register new domains, check business email accounts, create new business email accounts, add new subdomains and even go as far as customizing your server options using the integrated cPanel. We really give you all the freedom. 

If you are looking at purchasing one of Krepling's additional services you can simply navigate to them directly by going to "Services" and then on "Order new Services". From there you will be able to purchase anything from website design to content creation and even hire SEO experts to help improve your online business.

The "Home" of your Client Area allows for all of the main options your online business requires. There you will be able to open support tickets and view your Services, domains, and invoices.


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