How To Set Up Your Online Business


Setting up your online business is pretty straight forward here at Krepling. Most of the setting up is done automatically once you have checked out, it is just a matter of accessing the services and getting used to the platform. 


Step 1: Select Your Business Building Bundle

Here at Krepling, we offer 3 bundles to choose from. Freelance, Entrepreneur, and Business. Each bundle offers different resources and different ways of customization. No bundle can be said to be "better" than the other and each depends on what type of business you are trying to set up.

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Step 2: Select The Domain For Your Business

We have three different options when it comes to choosing a domain for your business

  • Register a new domain - This gives you the option to register a brand new domain for website and business.  If you sign-up for at least 1 year, the first year's registration fee is on us.
  • Transfer your domain from another registrar - If you happened to have registered the domain somewhere else (i.e. GoDaddy, NameCheap) then you have the option to transfer it over to Krepling.  This makes for the simplest setup as our team can ensure the DNS is working correctly.  Also, if you sign-up for at least 1 year, the first year's transfer fee is free.
  • I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers - For those of you that already have your domain registered and would like to be responsible for updating your own nameservers, you select this option.  Some people may have multiple domains registered with someone such as GoDaddy and would prefer to keep them separate from their business.


Step 3: Choosing the Billing Cycle For Your Hosting and Website Builder

As we explained in the previous article on our Introduction to Krepling, we like to keep the website builder and your hosting plan on two different services, this just allows you to have more freedom and customization on how you run your business. We also allow you to customize your billing cycle for each. Allot of Krepling users find this the most challenging part of the checkout process, however, we always like to explain how that it gives users an in-depth break down of what exactly they are purchasing and allows them to choose when to be billed. If you decide to choose the annual billing option then we will register your domain for free. 


Step 4: Review and Checkout (Apply Discount Code if Applicable)

Here you will be able to see the different elements of your business building plan. You will see your website builder, hosting plan, and your domain, along with any additional options that you may have opted for. You will be able to see the final price of your package right before you checkout. If there is any Krepling Sale going on such as would be the case during Black Friday or any other moment, then you will be able to apply the discount code before checkout. You will also be able to select your preferred way of payment.


Step 5: Access Your Business Bundle From The Client Area

The Client Area is a very powerful product that will give you ultimate control of your online business.

To access your Website Builder and Hosting plan simply navigate to "Services" and then to "My Services". Here you will have access to the two main elements of your online business. The website builder will allow you to build your business' website whilst your hosting plan will give you access to your business email accounts, domains and full control over your hosting options. If you aren't very familiar with web hosting then don't worry, just stick to what you know, all the tech stuff will be set to automatic default anyways. You will also be able to see the Disk Usage and Bandwidth Usage charts which aren't updated in real-time, so please allow for up to 24 hours for them to reflect your actual usage. 



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