How The Nightly Backups Work


One of Krepling's top selling features is our free nightly backups. We make sure that all your website’s data and files will automatically be backed up every night to ensure you never lose anything. This allows you to instantly access your backed up data simply through a few clicks! You can restore everything from your entire home directory to a single file instantly. Pretty amazing right? 

Allot of Krepling users want to understand the exact details of this process, especially if they are still deciding to build their business with us or host their website with us. Therefore we felt the need to explain the process in a little more detail.


What Type of Backups Come With Your Account?

All of our Business Building and Website Hosting plans come with complimentary nightly backups.  They run once each night and we retain one day's worth of data.

All of the data backed up is stored in a secure third-party location and is freely available inside each cPanel account(you don't have to open a ticket to access it). In order for us to keep our prices competitive, we can only offer 1 day's data retention complimentary. For an additional fee of  €2.99 or $1.99 per month, you can add 5GB of backup space and retain up to 30 days worth of data (read more below).


Backup Requirements

One of our first goals when starting Krepling, especially when it came to hosting business websites, was to be able to offer an affordable, high-speed, reliable, and secure cloud hosting infrastructure. In order for us to accomplish this, we have to draw the line in the sand somewhere and set limits on what we can and what we cannot back up.

After much internal discussion, we've set the following requirements for our complimentary backups to run:

  • Accounts cannot have more than 100,000 Inodes 
  • Accounts cannot have more than 20GB disk usage

If your cPanel account falls into one of the above categories, it will not be included in our complimentary backup service.


Why Are There Backup Requirements?

When the server conducts backups each night it runs a process called rsync where it copies over your file structure over to our backup servers. Each day, it examines the files you've modified and only updates those, to keep the host server maintaining the highest level of performance.

For accounts that are very large, this can take a toll on the input/output (IO) of the solid-state drives, causing stress on them that can create a degrade in performance. We've found by using the above limits, we're able to always maintain the performance we're known for as well as the ability to offer these type of backups.

Please understand, we're not trying to be jerks, but the performance of our cloud is very important to us as we don't want to offer a solution that is slow or one that is plagued with downtime.


Make Sure You Have Backups

Regardless of the route you choose, backups are VERY important.  If you choose not to start your online business with Krepling. make sure that the service you choose allows for some form of backup process.

It's always very disheartening to see a customer get in trouble because they don't have adequate backups.  We are one of the few e-commerce related companies that offer free complimentary backups to all of our users, and like most things, we aim to be 3 steps ahead of our competitors every time.




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