• Friday, October 25, 2019

Today we take a giant leap forward with the release of Krepling Beta, a complete developed platform to help you grow with fully integrated Websites, E-Commerce, Hosting, Domains and Marketing. This is a huge upgrade to the entire Krepling experience, with new features to make your site more modern and beautiful, a more powerful E-Commerce platform, further powered by Weebly through our intergarted servers, to increase sales, and integrated email marketing and SEO tools to help engage and attract new customers.

For the first time, we’ve combined all the elements your business needs to thrive in one place. This is the idea that Krepling was built on. Developing a single use platform that streams together all the aspects required to build an online empire. We know that a website is just part of your path to success, and we’ve streamlined the entire journey so you can do it all from a single integrated platform.


Next Generation Web Design

A better way to build your website. Alogside new updates to Weebly 4, we’ve put together a brand new version of the Editor that provides exciting new design tools to help you create an unforgettable, modern website.

  • Sections: Transform your site with stackable, independent sections you can use to create entirely new designs, including parallax and reveal effects. This feature is free and available for all plans, just drag on the section element from the sidebar
  • Section Layouts: A variety of new professionally designed, pre-built layouts for your website.
  • Customizable Headers: Drag elements into your page headers and dynamically resize the header field to create one-of-a-kind pages. Free with all plans.
  • Video Backgrounds: Integrate videos directly into your page layouts to create stunning site designs that will impress visitors and customers. Choose videos from our free video library or upload your own. Video backgrounds are available with Entrepreneur Plans and above.
  • New Themes: Our theme gallery has been modernized with a wide selection of new themes and pre built templates.

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Please Note: Sections is not available for older, non-responsive themes or custom themes.


Powerful E-Commerce to Elevate Your Krepling Business

Through the development of Weebly 4, We’ve released a completely rebuilt E-Commerce engine, improving the most important features you need to create a successful Krepling business.

  • Product and Category Elements: Gives you more flexibility to create an engaging storefront with intuitive new ways to display products and categories. Available for all paid plans.
  • Improved Shipping Rules: Makes shipping rate management easy for stores with a large number of orders. Set shipping rates based on order specifications from the store dashboard. Available with the Business plan.
  • Automatic Tax Calculator: Does the heavy lifting on tax management, helping you handle store taxes with minimal headache. This feature is available for businesses in the United States shipping domestically with the Business Plan.
  • The updated E-Commerce engine also includes branded store emails, new store checkout, redesigned store tab, streamlined store management and improved order management features, all included with all paid plans.


Intelligent Marketing to Grow Your Krepling Business

We began consulting operators at Square Inc as well as analysing every single support ticket opened during the months of August and September and have identified that the biggest challenge that the average Krepling user faces is finding and attracting new customers, so we’ve built powerful marketing intelligence tools to help you not just build a great website and sell online, but to actively grow your business.

Built in email marketing with Weebly lets you create beautiful, professional emails and design email marketing programs based on data collected from your website.

​In addition to email marketing, we’ve focused on important SEO upgrades. We also built the The Ultimate SEO Guide, an exclusive knowledgebase that takes you on the SEO journey from beginning to end. From your very first meta tags, to detailed keyword research and advanced topics like Link Building and E-Commerce SEO, this guide makes SEO accessible so you can get found by Google and other search engines.


An All Inclusive Platform

Combining Websites, E-Commerce, Hosting, Domains, Emails, Funding Marketing and Free Resources together is the key to success, but it’s not always straightforward. To bring everything together we created a new and improved client area that provides easier navigation that helps you stay on top and connected to the most important aspects of your business.


This Is Just The Start

And this is just the beginning. Krepling Beta marks the start of our development into a complete and all inclusive platform for your business. As you grow, we’ll be here working on new features to support the most important aspects of your business. Stay tuned as we follow-up with comprehensive profiles of each Krepling Beta feature, and please share feedback as you try out each new upgrade. Now go do what you love with Krepling Beta!