• Tuesday, December 31, 2019

If you have chosen to put your business or idea on Krepling, you will know that we strived to give our users the most out of their commerce experience by providing them not only with the tools and resources that make up the Krepling platform, but ensuring that we maintain that integrity through regular monthly updates and round the clock support. Krepling, as an entity, has seen a substantial level of growth since the day of launch due to our prosperous user base and level of support and compliance. A year ago, Krepling was a mere idea amongst its founders, who had faced a level of difficulty common amongst other entrepreneurs and business owners, which was scalability through a simple centralised platform. The founders set out to build a platform that solved all problems faced by fellow entrepreneurs and business owners and haven’t turned back since.

In this article, you’ll find a full rundown of Krepling’s first full year of operation. We hope to give our user base full transparency with regards to the growth of the platform, underlining goals, and focuses throughout its lifetime. For new users on the platform we would like for this to act as an entry point into the underlining goals, focus points and community driven entrepreneurial spirit present in Krepling as an entity.



User and Platform Growth

We are creating an easier and more scalable commerce environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners alike by empowering users through our web-based platform, designed to make the act of conversing, selling, operating and growing online easier for all businesses, without any technical constraints in terms of domains, email and hosting abilities. All our investments, whether in platform and business development or in partnerships are undertaken to accomplish underlining objectives for our users.

This objective and incentive within the company has seen the platform and overall growth to be generated in 6 different continents with an average product growth of 39% each month. Krepling has been realising constant monthly growth in its user base, with the United States of America playing a central role for 39% of all users conversing and growing on the platform, followed by 9% of all users residing within the United Kingdom. Canada and China each account for 7% of the total user base respectively, followed by India accounting for 5%. The remaining 34% of users are spread out amongst the 6 continents Krepling is powering businesses on, which in turn is highlighted as “Rest of World” in the report issued to members. Krepling’s centralized face currently cater for 24 different languages, with limitations when it comes to certain articles and Weebly based functionalities. In terms of billing, Krepling currently accepts United States Dollar as it’s default form of payment, with Euros also being accepted. Krepling plans to unveil 5 new currencies in early 2020, one of which will include the highly demanded Great British Pound.

We strongly encourage the incentive for entrepreneurship which at times comes with great success, but successful entrepreneurs often find failure on their journey to success. At Krepling, we realise that failure can also be realised as a discovery of an idea that ultimately did not work and the Krepling business model makes room for these occurrences. Although room for growth through failure is made, the incentive to help users grow and find success through entrepreneurship is emphasised through the on-going provision of freelance related services that handle aspects of the user’s business that would usually require manual work from the business owner. These services range from SEO, Social Media Marketing, handling and configuration of Google and Facebook related products and more. These aspects have continued to grow throughout the duration of the year and have acted as a sub-hub for future development and growth amongst Krepling users.



Monthly Updates and New Features

Our core mission since the day of launch has been to continually improve the platform to limit any monetary constraints to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners by allowing users to save time and effort without wasting any resources in solving technical limitations. The Krepling platform has continued to allow the user to focus their resources on the aspects of their business that they are good at, to freely create their idea on a platform without limitations. We ensure that this integrity is kept by providing regular monthly updates to the platform thus ensuring that Krepling’s subscription packages enable users to run their business, website or idea on a feature-rich platform that listens to the needs and requirements of its users. The Krepling platform is ensured that it is built for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners without any technical knowledge, is optimized for mobile and enables secure selling through and online store, blog and website powered by Weebly.


Krepling’s platform also is ensured to provide users with a secure hosting environment with 0 downtime and nightly backups and virus scans to its cloud server, ensuring all users are always protected. We have created an environment where all these aspects of a user’s business, including domains, emails and hosting, are all easily accessible, cementing Krepling’s integrity as an e-business platform as oppose to the traditional “e-commerce enabler” model. Manual updates where carried out to ensure this integrity was kept all year round and will continue to be carried out well into the future.



Customers of Krepling Businesses

Aside from providing a hassle-free commerce experience for all users, our goals are also in line with those who choose to put their business on Krepling. The more users that sell through our platform, the more trust we generate through secure transactions and the more trust online shoppers put in a business, blog or website that is powered by Krepling. Creating this trustworthy environment for shoppers across the globe is incentivised through ongoing education provided to our users on how to grow their brand and business. This is further incentivised through regular on-going support and through the provision of free tools and resources, that allow for our users to thrive off when creating a trustworthy brand or business. Our free resources provide users the coverage and guidance on all aspects of their business not covered from a technical aspect or by the tools and resources present on the platform. This includes all free resources and guidance from a legal and distribution standpoint, ensuring that all Krepling businesses are backed with any refund policies and terms and conditions that cater to the needs of all online shoppers worldwide and through incentivised partnerships that help users find more success when it comes to branding, marketing and growing.

We continue to educate and inspire our users through Krepling Blogs, Krepling Guides and Announcements, all built around the central purpose to help users find entrepreneurial success on the platform and ultimately provide the world with a better source of commerce.


Daily User Support

The platform and business model are built around creating a hassle free experience for all users who conduct day to day commerce online, but we realise that the need for ongoing support is needed and the development of the support platform itself is crucial for the development of the company as a whole. Krepling has continued to provide round the clock support to all its users through a support ticket system, which the company continues to invest heavily in. This year the support system reached and average response time of 4 hours and 5 minutes. Krepling’s support team is structured into different departments each catered to handle different needs and queries of paying and non-paying users, with a specific department dedicated and equipped to handling the needs of Krepling users.

This year the Krepling support team successfully resolved 1,423 support tickets. With each ticket opened, the support platform grows smarter and more equipped to deal with user related questions. If an issue or question is in popular demand, an article is constructed and published on the Krepling Guide, which has grown to become a popular base to handle basic user queries without the need to contact a support representative. In 2020, each support department will thrive to resolve issues faster and more efficiently, with the long-term goal of developing a self-learning AI system equipped to handle user queries with ease.


Krepling Checkout and Payment Systems

We have insured a secure payment system is regularly updated with the latest advancements in payment providing technology. We analyse and monitor Weebly and Squares checkout systems to ensure security measures are kept to the highest standards and ensuring that all Krepling users are reaping the full benefits of what the latest advancements in the industry have to offer. This year PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.Net where made accessible to all Krepling businesses, thus ensuring all users can accept multiple types of credit card and PayPal payments. Later on, Apple Pay and Google Pay where added to the checkout system, ensuring that Krepling businesses where able to turn mobile into a competitive advantage through a simplified mobile checkout system.



Investment Related Highlights

In January 26th of this year, the Krepling founders built what they considered to be a great advancement in commerce related technology that allowed for wide scalability, simplicity and centralization. Krepling has since been recognized as a great advancement in centralizing commerce through a self-centralised e-business platform, that is targeted at large and growing addressable SMB market. This recognition is common amongst the businesses that choose to host on Krepling, the global companies that work alongside Krepling and the well-established media publications and magazines that report on Krepling’s doings, such as MarketWatch, Bloomberg and Yahoo.

The company’s powerful business model has led it to be a rapidly growing SaaS and success-based company, being dubbed as one of the “fastest growing e-commerce platforms” by SaaS and industry experts. It’s vast ecosystem of established tech partners obtained throughout the year have become part of an ecosystem that will forever be difficult to replicate, with a centralised platform that puts globally recognized services and applications on the map for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners alike. The Krepling team is also beginning to expand with a vision that is driven by product enhancement and aspiring long term growth.



Our vision is to make commerce easier and more accessible to everyone by impacting the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners worldwide. The company plans to continue to realize the same level of growth it had in 2019 with higher levels of growth expected in user acquisition coupled with larger and more existence updates to the platform’s API and feature list. There will also be a larger interest in obtaining global partnerships with industry specific brands who will further assist and incentivise Krepling’s user base to find success in their relative journeys. We will also be putting larger investments into enhancing the commerce experience of worldwide shoppers and enhancing the trust between Krepling businesses and their customers.

We continue to appreciate the growing community of aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners present on the Krepling platform and will continue to invest in the future of their ventures through the enhancement of the tools and services that power it. We look forward to partnering with you in 2020 to give you the ability to do what you do best: growing and succeeding online.