• Friday, March 13, 2020

In light of recent events, Krepling has seen a large influx in the number of coronavirus-related merchants. We have begun enforcing strict measures to limit the number of Krepling businesses that are actively taking part in price gauging and the selling of "Restricted Items" as listed in Krepling's Legal Actions Policy ("LAP").

While we believe in the free and open exchange of commerce, such activities are incompatible with Krepling's mission to ensure easy and centralized commerce for everyone. Users who abuse the legislation put in place by the LAP will result in immediate account termination or suspension.

Across many countries where the newest strain of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has made an impact, isolation and social distancing measures have been put in place. As a result, consumers have begun to adopt e-commerce in areas where certain restrictions are present. The majority of Krepling businesses within the health and grocery sectors are expected to see an increase in business performance, as digital shoppers are willing to convert on products that they need with longer delivery windows in order to avoid going to physical stores.

This is proving to be a benefit and a challenge to businesses on Krepling. Although we encourage entrepreneurship, we also advise caution with regards to supply chain and inventory management.

The combination of supply shocks and demand shocks due to the novel coronavirus means certain situations in industries may be more complex and faster-moving than previous quarters.

We strongly advise that Krepling users within the health and grocery sectors have reasonable knowledge and control of their supply chains as well as the latest news driving consumer behaviors.

We collectively hope to play a role in supporting areas with commerce related restrictions and encourage users to actively participate in global e-commerce to create a more easily and accessible commerce environment for areas most affected by this virus.