• Friday, March 27, 2020

Hello Krepling community! Here is a rundown of the latest release notes for March 2020, as well as some additional measures taken in response to the COVID-19 epidemic.


COVID-19 Response

Krepling has issued an official response to the COVID-19 epidemic, which can be seen in full here: COVID-19 response.

In order to help those businesses worst impacted by COVID-19, we are waiving all cloud hosting subscription fees for the month of April for existing users who currently on any Krepling e-business plan. Krepling will be managing the discounts per each plan, which will be billed accordingly during the month of April. 

We have also made PayPal donations and Gift Cards accessible on all Krepling plans. Electronic gift cards can help increase cash flow while your physical business is closed or affected by social distancing. We’ve seen a lot of users ask their regular customers to purchase gift cards as a show of support. We also believe that by giving your customers the ability to donate to certain causes, we will be strengthening our fight against the virus.

In some parts of the world, cities have strongly encouraged social distancing or have restricted their citizens’ movements. One way to still provide goods to your customers is to sell online. You can ship items or take online orders for pickup or local delivery. We recommend referring to the Krepling Guide if you are having difficulty understanding certain shipping features. Our COVID-19 support department will also be equipped to handle any questions relating to the delivery and pickup of items.

We would also like to encourage all users to use email and social media to keep your customers up to date. Let them know how they can support your business, what your delivery schedule now looks like and whether any aspects of your online business are affected. This time is as unpredictable for your staff as it is for you. To ensure your staff stays healthy, make sure they stay home if they are sick, frequently wash their hands, and keep contact with one another and customers to a minimum. Make sure your paid time off and sick leave policies are compliant with local labor laws as laws may have changed in response to the virus. 

Open commerce is at the heart of Krepling’s core values. Your business is what we value most, and we strive to do everything we can to support you and your growth. We understand that you may be battling a new set of challenges put in front of yourself, your business, your employee’s and your families. We are here for you. We support you.

Please reach out to our COVID-19 Support Team should you have any questions, issues, or simply wish to seek advice. We are here for you. 


Share your Spotify and Soundcloud playlists with your visitors

Alongside the help of the developer team over at Weebly, you are now able to add your Spotify or Soundcloud playlists directly to your website. Embed Spotify and Soundcloud widgets into web pages of your Krepling website.on some of the most common websites and blogs. There are two ways you can go about doing this:

Using the code element

Once you are in your Weebly builder, simply create a new page or edit an existing one.

  1. In the page editor, click an Insert point.
  2. Chose the Code block type.
  3. Copy-and-paste the code from Follow Button or the Play Button generator into the HTML/embed code frame.

  4. Position and resize the widget as desired.

Using standard HTML

For any Krepling websites that are not implemented on the Weebly builder or are on our standard Cloud Hosting plans, this may be an option you will need to explore for integration. In the HTML code of your page, simply embed the code from Follow Button or the Play Button generator.

You need to paste it into your web page somewhere between the tags <body> and </body> (If you cannot see those tags, you are probably not looking at the page in an HTML editor. Some blogging and social media systems provide you with an “HTML” view that you can switch to to paste the link.)


JetBackup to replace CPRemote for Krepling Cloud backups

As of April 1st, 2020, JetBackup will be replacing CPRemote as the backup engine for all Krepling Cloud users. Moving forward, all new and existing Krepling subscriptions will include JetBackup inside of cPanel free of charge.


This new addition to your utility belt will allow you to easily access and manage your complimentary daily and weekly backups on the Krepling Cloud. Additionally, you can use JetBackup to take a snapshot of your cPanel account, saving the current state of the account. This replaces the native cPanel backup function, allowing for much easier backup management.


The talented Krepling Cloud development team has taken great pride over recent months in innovating a cloud-based infrastructure that is elevating the commerce experience of every business powered by Krepling, thus creating a more accessible and "ease of use" environment for consumers around the world. The team sees this partnership with JetBackup another step towards cloud innovation.