• Thursday, April 23, 2020

Hello Krepling community! We’re all facing unique challenges right now, and for business owners, the stakes are particularly high. As we enter into the third month of adapting to our new found routines, we want to continue to offer our support and help in all the ways we can. Our COVID-19 support department has become a hub for users faced with questions and issues in adapting to the new landscape of challenges and we want to encourage all users who are faced with any shipping, fulfillment, or staff-related challenges to reach out. The Krepling platform is currently handling record-breaking traffic every day, and whilst many entrepreneurs and business owners are concerned with regards to the balance of resources during these uncertain times, those that are capable are taking wide-scale action. The sense of entrepreneurship has not been lost. Here are the release notes for the month of April.


Improved product rating systems

Whilst working with Weebly, we have now changed how your website calculates and displays a products’ overall star rating, from a historical average to a weighted average that favors recent reviews. As many users see a plethora of reviews for certain products, we want to ensure that your customers see a rating that’s more reflective of the current capabilities of your product.


Support for Zoom integration

A large majority of users are requesting to know about the support functionality around the selling of Zoom links. We have worked with Weebly to roll out new features than enable each and every user to take their events online and create Zoom links right from your Krepling site. You can now host virtual workshops, classes, conferences, and more all through the selling of one time digital links and memberships.

You are now also able to integrate Zoom with paying members/subscribers and run live video sessions and meetings—directly from your blog section.