How To Manage Individual Orders

You can set a status on complete order, or you can manage status individually for each order item. The status you can set on an order or item depends on each item's product type. See the Status by product type table for more info.

To manage individual orders, go to "STORE" and then to "Orders" and in the Order table, click on the order you want to manage.

The actions you can take on the order or the order items are shown at the top. In this order, all the items are physical goods in the Pending state, so you can mark them as Shipped or Cancelled.

In this order, the products are mixed, so there's also a button to mark items as Completed (for the service and digital products). New action buttons appear at the top, based on changed statuses. For example, once items have shipped, you can refund them

Below the order items, you can see the billing and shipping information, as well as all transactions completed for this order.

Mark Items as Shipped and after you've packaged up and shipped your orders or conversed with your supplier, you need to change their status.

To mark items as shipped, click "Mark As Shipped". A dialog shows the items in the order that have not yet been marked as shipped. Select the items you are shipping (by default all remaining are selected). You can change the quantity if you can't ship the full amount. Select a shipping carrier (Add New displays if you haven't added one yet) and optionally enter a tracking number.

By default, the customer will receive an email once you complete the dialog, so they know that items have shipped. You can turn this off if you want. You can also edit the customer's address if needed.

When done, click "Mark as Shipped" at the top or mark Digital or Service Items as "Complete"

To change the status of a digital or service items to Complete, click "Mark as Completed". Like marking as shipped, you can choose the eligible items, and notify the customer of completion.


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