Understanding Shipping

Shipping calculations require the Krepling Business plan or better.

There are many factors to consider when deciding how you want to ship your products - product weights, packaging expenses, and carrier services and fees just to name a few. It might seem overwhelming, but Weebly aims to make shipping setup as stress-free as possible.

One way to simplify the whole process is to use the Real-Time Shipping (RTS) option, which is currently available only for Business Plus plan subscribers in North America. With RTS, you connect to a carrier (USPS, DHL, FedEx, or UPS) and provide details on your standard shipping box (size and maximum weight allowance). That information is used to dynamically generate shipping prices for your customer at check out. Learn how to set up RTS in this article.

In addition to RTS, there are five other shipping rate types you can choose from:

Flat Rate, Free Shipping, Order Weight, Order Total, and Item Quantity

You can use these rate types individually or in conjunction with RTS for maximum flexibility. Check out this article to find out how to set up manual shipping rates.

Regardless of which shipping option you choose, there are essentially three basic steps to the process:

Add a shipping address; that is, the location where you are shipping from. Configure which destination regions you will ship to. Decide how you want to charge shipping and set up shipping rates for the regions you ship to. Once you’ve completed the setup, your customers will be shown the appropriate rates for the shipping address they enter at checkout. If you’ve added more than one rate for their area, they can choose which one they prefer. You can even set a fallback shipping rate to make sure you never have to pay out of pocket if you receive an order that falls outside the criteria you set.

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