How To Sell Services, Event Tickets, or Memberships

Creating a product to sell a non-tangible item like event tickets, a service, or a membership is similar to the process for creating physical products. The main difference is that you don’t set a fulfillment method for these types of items - instead, you will send an email to your customer with additional information on how to redeem their purchase. The setup is handled through your online store, and when you're finished you'll set the inventory from your Square dashboard.

If you have multiple locations, please note that non-physical items are only available at the primary shipping location you chose during your initial setup.

To get started, go to the Store page, select "Products" and then "Product Library", then click "Add Product".

Choose which type of product you want to add from the drop-down menu, then enter a title and description for the item. Add a photo or multiple photos if you like. You can change the title, description, and other details later, but you can’t switch product types after saving.

After entering the basic information for your item, scroll down to the product options section and check the box to allow customization. You can edit the existing variation to set a single price or click "Edit Product Options" to add multiple options with different prices.

For example, you might be running a multi-day event and offer tickets for one day or full weekend passes. These options allow you to sell both kinds of tickets from a single product. You may have a default option called "Regular", but you can change the name by clicking on it to edit. Enter as many different options as you need and click save.

Next, set a price for each of your options. These will sync back to Square, but you'll still need to set the inventory separately. When you're finished, save your new product and head over to your Square dashboard to finish up.

In Items, click on the product you just created and then click Adjust Inventory at the bottom. Enter an inventory quantity and save your changes. When you return to the Store page and view the Product Library, you should see the inventory updated. Note that you may need to edit the product and adjust the visibility if it shows as unavailable in the Product Library.

Events, Memberships, and Services will appear like a physical product on your website and can be added to the cart in different quantities. At checkout, customers will be notified that they will receive an email from you later with additional information. Be sure to follow up with your customers with additional instructions or details they'll need in order to redeem their purchase.

Note: Due to the different delivery methods for these products, they must be purchased separately from items that can be shipped or picked up in person.

What if you only want to sell to customers living in your area? You can restrict purchases of these products to only the locations you’ve set up for shipping. It’s okay if you’re not actually selling any items that need to be shipped - these settings are also used to control who is allowed to purchase event tickets, memberships, and services from your website. Once you’ve set up which areas you will sell to, go to "Setup" then to "Shipping" and then to "Advanced Settings" and click edit. Use the checkboxes here to allow or disallow purchases from anywhere in the world.

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