How To Set Up Credit Card and/or PayPal Processing

You have the option to connect your store to one of three cc processors: Stripe, Square, or

Additionally, you can provide your shoppers with the option to pay using PayPal. This means you can take one of these three approaches to transactions within your store:  

  1. Accept All Major Credit Cards (Only w/ Stripe)
  2. Accept PayPal Only
  3. Accept All Major CC + PayPal

If you go with number 3, then your customers will be given the choice to pay for their purchases either with their credit card (all major cc are accepted) or by logging in to their PayPal account.

You'll find the option to connect your account to any of these providers under Settings > Checkout in your Store dashboard.

If you want to run credit cards with Stripe, click the Enable option to create a new account with them (you can also log-in to an account with them if you already have one). Creating a new account is painless and should take no more than five to ten minutes before you'll be able to start taking orders. 

If you want to provide PayPal payments in addition to Stripe, you'll also enable PayPal. This process is incredibly simple if you already have a PayPal account as all you need to do is enter the email address on your PayPal account and you're all done. 

 If you don't have a PayPal account, but would like to use PayPal, then head over to and sign-up for an account with them. Once the account is established you can then connect to that account from within your Store settings. 

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